Top 10 Weekend Box Office

Top 10 Weekend Box Office Week Ending April 20-22, 2012

Think Like A Man (Sony)                      

$33.0 million opening weekend

The Lucky One (Warner Bros.)              

$22.8 million opening weekend

The Hunger Games (Lionsgate)             

$14.5 million 5 wk total $356.9m

Chimpanzee (Disney)                          

$10.2 million opening weekend

The Three Stooges (20th Century Fox)   

$9.2 million 2 wk total $29.4m

The Cabin in the Woods (Lionsgate)

$7.8 million 2 wk total $27.0m
American Reunion (Universal)               

$5.2 million 3 wk total $48.3m

Titanic (Paramount)                           

$5.0 million 3 wk total $52.8m

21 Jump Street (Sony)                       

$4.6 million 6 wk total $127.1m

Mirror Mirror (Relativity Media)             

$4.1 million 4 wk total $55.2m

Source: Rentrak

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