Xchel Hernandez’s “Borderwatch” at Second City Hollywood

Last show – Wednesday, August 24th at 9PM at the Second City Hollywood Stage

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Set in the town of El Paso, TX, in a futuristic world during a Donald Trump’s presidency Borderwatch, Xchel Hernandez’s one-man show takes a satirical look at America’s immigration enforcement policy.
Immigration issues never change, what changes are the comedians tackling those issues, bringing their brand of funny to the on-going “problem”.  It’s what stuck me as I watched Hernandez on the Second City Hollywood stage tackle this polarizing issue as a deputizing agent of the Department of Homeland security.
Not only was he funny, I actually felt I learned as I laughed.  I call it the Hamilton (the hit Broadway play) effect.  Just because its factual and contains history, does not mean it can’t be funny.  And funny it is. In a span of 40 minute, Hernandez draws you in and before you can finish laughing the show is over!
But make no mistake, these are not your typical Mexico/USA border jokes. Hernandez has put a lot of research into his subject matter and has scripted a hilarious one man show.  In his seriously, dry, almost monotone delivery he draws you in and then delivers the punch.  He keeps you laughing while throwing out some serious facts and outrageous statement.  Included in the show are several skits to drive his points home, while Jesse “The Body” Ventura makes repeat appearances.


Do yourself a favor, check out Xchel Hernandez, you can later say you knew him when, because you will be seeing plenty of him in the future.

Written By Xchel Hernandez
Directed By Susanna Leonard
With Joleen Lunzer & Alex Stein


Tickets are $10 or $1 with a Second City Student ID
August 24th 9-10 pm

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