“Wild in Wichita/Locuras en Wichita” at L.A.’s BFA

The Bilingual Foundation of the Arts Presents Lina Gallegos’ Award-winning Play, Wild in Wichita
Sweet, funny, touching and heartfelt!


Stars Sal Lopez, Denise Blasor, Crissy Guerrero and David Carreno
Jossara Jinaro, Margarita Lamas, Miguel Santana

If you haven’t seen the current production at the BFA, then time to get yourself out the door and into one of the theater’s seats and prepare yourself to be totally enchanted and entertained!  Lina Gallegos’ Wild in Wichita/Locuras en Wichita is a bilingual romantic comedy that explores nursing homes, loneliness, mortality, cultural differences, Latin music and love at any age. It is being performed in both English and Spanish as translated by Denise Blasor, as the story examines what reaching a “certain age” really means and how society reacts to “old people.” Latino baby boomers… think it won’t happen to you? Think again. Come see this play and have a good laugh as it fills your heart with hopeful love.

Spanish Production: May 16th – 19th
English Production: May 24th – 25th and June 2nd
Wild in Wichita performs Thursdays through Sundays!

On a budget? This Thursday, May 16th, tickets are at a discount for the production is in Spanish featuring Jossara Jinaro, Margarita Lamas, Miguel Santana and David Carrera doing double duty in performing in both English and Spanish. Come and meet the writer who will be in town! Bilingual Foundation of the Arts, BFA is located at 421 N Avenue 19, Los Angeles, CA 90031. For tickets, call (323) 225-4044.
L-R: Margarita Lamas, Miguel Santana, Denise Blasor, Jossara Jinaro, David Carreno
L-R: Margarita Lamas, Miguel Santana, Denise Blasor, Jossara Jinaro, David Carreno

Wild in Wichita/Locuras en Wichita is the Award-Winning Play of the 2009 MetLife ‘Nuestras Voces/ National Latino Plays Initiative sponsored by MetLife Foundation and the 2012 Hola Award in NY for Outstanding Achievement in Playwriting.

About the Play
An elegant Puerto Rican older woman and an irreverent Mexican man are stuck together as the only Spanish speakers in a nursing home in Wichita, Kansas. Their adult children are unable to take care of them and therefore the only solution is for them to move their parents to a Rest Home near their new work facilities. He has been married four times; she has never been married. She is of Puerto Rican heritage and finds his Spanish highly amusing. He is of Mexican descent and thinks she talks funny. He never graduated from high school; she was a high school teacher. He likes to eat tacos and drink straight Tequila; she prefers tostones and pasteles de yautia. He listens to Juan Gabriel and Little Joe y la familia; she likes Willie Colón and Jose Feliciano. Despite having nothing in common, they fall in love and find new ways to enjoy life and amuse themselves, disrupting the tranquility of the Nursing Home and their children’s peace of mind.
With this West-Coast premiere we look forward to sharing with you our 40th ANNIVERSARY celebrations! 
Show plays Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm, and Sunday matinees at 3:00 pm, through June 2nd.At Teatro Carmen Zapata, located at 421 North Avenue 19, Los Angeles. CA 90031.For more information, individual or group ticket purchases or reservations, please call(323) 225 4044.

About BFA (http://www.bfatheatre.org)

The Bilingual Foundation of the Arts (BFA) has a 38-year history of commitment to all people in the greater Los Angeles area, presenting the finest Hispanic literary culture for both Spanish- and English- speaking audiences.  Founded in 1973 by Mexican-American actress Carmen Zapata, Cuban-born actress playwright, and director Margarita Galban. BFA’s presence is an integral part of the Los Angeles cultural scene, and provides an added dimension of understanding between the diverse cultures of the area by emphasizing the similarities of the human condition, which serve to unite us. BFA’s Spanish-language productions instill cultural pride to Spanish-speaking audiences, and serve as an introduction to the rich and eloquent history of the diverse Hispanic culture to English-speaking audiences. Ms. Zapata is honored to have received a Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contributions to live theater.


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