Venevision International, Global Distributor of Cisneros Group, China’s CCTV Sign Accord at MIPTV 2013


Venevision International, Global Distributor of the Cisneros Group. and China’s CCTV Sign Accord at MIPTV 2013 for the Distribution of the Documentary China’s Mega Projects


Cannes, France (MIPTV) – Venevision International, the global distributor of entertainment content of the Cisneros Group of Companies, one of the largest privately held media, entertainment, telecommunications and consumer products organizations in the world, and China Central Television (CCTV), the principal media company in the People’s Republic of China, today announced a deal for the broadcast rights of the Spanish-language edition of the elaborate documentary China’s Mega Projects.

“This is not simply another business transaction for television programming to be announced during MIPTV; this is a continuation of a long-standing relationship between CCTV and the Cisneros Group established more than five years ago by our Chairman Gustavo A. Cisneros and which is in essence a cultural exchange between Latin America and China as our respective programming, particularly our documentaries, are a reflection of our distinctive races and heritages,” emphasized Manuel Perez, Vice President & CFO of Venevision International.  “Today’s agreement not only reinforces the Cisneros Group’s commitment to the Chinese market as part of our comprehensive strategy of global expansion, but also facilitates CCTV’s growing presence in Latin American markets, fueled by the high quality of its programming and the worldwide fascination with China’s unique culture and global economic clout, which are highlighted in this magnificent documentary.”

Signed against the backdrop of the international market MIPTV 2013, taking place at the Palais des Festivals in the majestic city of Cannes, France, the exclusive agreement was endorsed by Manuel Perez and MA Runsheng of China International TV Corporation (CITVC), sealing a significant alliance between the two media giants that provides access for both organizations to a potential audience that surpasses 1.5 billion people, the approximate combined population of the Ibero-American countries and People’s Republic of China.

China's Mega Projects
China’s Mega Projects

“Through the years, CCTV and the Cisneros Group have collaborated on a number of projects of this nature, and this particular deal follows the same model established for the production and distribution of the Spanish-language documentaries The Yangtze River’ and The Road To Revival, which became valuable assets in the Latin American market,” assured MA Runsheng, reiterating Mr. Perez’s  previous comments: “This deal is much more than a simple buying and selling of a product; we believe the cooperation between our two companies has been and will continue to be greatly beneficial for both of us, and our respective regions and audiences.

“The documentary, China’s Mega Projects, has attracted a great deal of attention from international buyers, and now with the Spanish-language edition to be created by Venevision International’s talented production team will facilitate its broadcast in Latin America,” he added.

China’s Mega Projects [HD]: Today’s China is building for its future at a pace and on a scale that the world has never seen.  In the capital of Beijing, traffic congestion is driving the population to its breaking point.  Deep beneath its streets, construction of the largest underground train network in history is racing ahead to provide a solution.  In China’s financial center of Shanghai, a futuristic and environmentally-friendly super-skyscraper will create a space-saving vertical world of hanging gardens over half a kilometer up in the sky.  In China’s south, Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macao will soon be connected by the world’s longest and most challenging sea bridge.  They’re huge undertakings for the world of tomorrow.  They are China’s Mega Projects.


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