Uniting Life and Spirit! Dia De Los Muertos at The Hollywood Forever Cemetery!

Blue Damas.FHollywoodBy Lissette Rivas


Saturday, Nov. 2nd in Hollywood, CA

With the chilling nights that become more frequent it becomes ever more apparent that November is near. As someone who celebrates Dia de Los Muertos, translation Day of the Dead every year on November 2 this is a day that can be spent best with those who can recall with you the best of times of those loved ones who are now deceased.

Recently I was given the unique opportunity to partake and capture in a sense the festivities and the celebration that will greet visitors at this years 14th Annual Dia de Los Muertos event at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Saturday November 2nd.

Anxiously I was ready to embrace the preparations that were being made for this special day.  With music filling the air the preparations made for this event could already be felt.  Painted faces and art displayed showcased traditional works often seen during Dia de Los Muertos.

Cemetary.FHollywoodCeline Mares Creative Director and the co-founder of Dia de Los Muertos at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery vibrantly explained that it takes about 4 months of planning and preparing for this day event.  She emphasized the importance of this day when spirits travel to visit those who are here in the physical world. This day she explained as being a day when we can recall where we come from. Evidently there appears to be thousands of people who feel this same way and visit the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on November 2 in celebration.  Celine admits that visitors to this event significantly continue to grow in size every year, and with excitement in her tone she further indicated that this event is open for all to participate in.

For those who celebrate Dia de Los Muertos at home I made sure to ask her if there was anything in particular for one to keep in mind when celebrating and creating altars? Celine emphasized that this day is about sharing in the memory of those who have passed and while at the cemetery loved ones can gather around and can share stories, photos and music in memory of those who are now deceased. The point she further made was that this was something that anyone can do at home and if one wanted they could opt to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos all year long.

In helping to produce an event centered on celebrating the spirit, I asked if she considers herself as being a spiritual person?  With a smile Celine responded by stating that she does consider herself as being someone who is spiritual.  Through my observation of what was bestowed before me being spiritual could no doubt be that ingredient needed in being able to produce such a special event!

Dancers.FHollyoodOf course being that I had a sneak preview of the celebration to be had for Dia de Los Muertos this coming weekend I admit that I am moved by what I had experienced thus far.  The moment that the dancers Edgar and Kathy took to the floor to dance I was able to savor this moment since nothing but heart felt emotions left me feeling connected with the meaning of this very celebration. At the conclusion of the dance I met briefly with Edgar and Kathy.  Edgar explained that the dance is known as Mixteco and is from Oaxaca in Mexico. They were able to present a beautiful dance to those in attendance while simultaneously celebrating those persons who are now deceased.

When someone passes it is a day of heartache and remains a moment in time that I think many of us wish did not exist. To soothe our souls Dia de Los Muertos celebrates the spirit which is a nice way to be able to cope and for some to re-connect in a way with those we will always miss!

This weekend I am looking forward to being able to further immerse myself with the celebration and I look forward to seeing you all there.

Please visit www.LAdayofthedead.com for more information on Dia de Los Muerto at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

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