Los Angeles Theater Insider

Julio Martinez, Latin Heat TeleVision feature writer also does a theater blog.  All the theater news in and around L.A.

This week’s news includes an item on Cornerstone Theater Company and Many other theater news.  Check it out

GRANTSMANSHIP… Theatre Communications Group (TCG) announced Fifth Round recipients of the The 2012 MetLife/TCG A-ha! Program: Think it, Do It. Five companies were awarded grants totaling $225,000, including Cornerstone Theater Company in Los Angeles. Cornerstone plans to use its $50,000 award in part “to expand upon their existing community-engagement efforts by providing tools and resources to community participants for ongoing impact, thereby improving economic viability in the communities they serve.”…

The Julio Martinez also produces and hostes ARTS IN REVIEW, broadcasting weekly on KPFK 90.7fm, Fridays at 2pm.  This week he is highlights the Katselas Theatre Company Focus Group Play ensemble, airing Friday, Aug. 24

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