The Latina Christmas Special Will Create Yearnings and Christmas Memories

Last 2 Performances Dec. 19th and Dec. 21st at The Theatre Asylum

By Bel Hernandez

SandraVallsChola.XmasShowLos Angeles, CA — It’s not the typical White Christmas you sing and read about – not by a long shot.  The Latina Christmas Special is more of a café con leche, lechon and tamales kind of Christmas story or rather stories – the kind you rarely hear about unless you happen to be with your “chismosa” Latina friends.  With only two more shows left this weekend, you must treat yourself to a night of holiday laughter and Latino Christmas traditions.   The Latina Christmas Special will be performed on Thursday, Dec. 19 at 8pm and Saturday, Dec. 21st at 5:30pm at The Theatre Asylum – Elephant Space on 6322 Santa Monica Blvd.

The show starts and in walk Maria Russell the Mexican-Lithuanian, Diana Yanez, the Cuban from Miami, and Mexican bred Sandra Valls who swaggers on stage, and then the wine is served and the party is on.  All three comedians perform in one-woman show format, telling funny true tales of Christmas and Latino life in America.

Russell is clearly your typical “Mexiuanian princess” and loving it.  Christmas is a special time for her, and IT IS all about her and the delicious tamales and family gifts she is showered with.  For Yanez, Christmas comes with salsa music, sunny weather and a loud household full of guests and big creepy crawly creatures.  Valls’ holidays were filled with food, and yearning — for the “boy toys” and Christmas memories of her mom who is no longer around.  Valls’ tribute to her mom at the end of the play just drives the point home.  Christmas is all about family and the memories you make each year.

All three actresses bring you into their world and you almost feel like you are eavesdropping, when you are not laughing your head off, as they recount their favorite Christmas stories and Christmas traditions.

Yes, not all Christmas are white.  After watching The Latina Christmas Story Russell, Yanez, and Valls will have you dreaming of a Brown Christmas.

Get your tickets now HERE…this show is guaranteed to sell out!

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