“Pedro Infante and The Triumphant Mother in Law” Premieres April 20,2012

Los Angeles, CA – The Bilingual Foundation of the Arts presents the world premiere of  Pedro Infante and The Triumphant Mother in Law, a delightful and original comedy written in Spanish, with English Supertitles. This play was written especially for the Bilingual Foundation of the Arts by Toby CampionDenise Blasor directs and is also dramaturg and designer.

 The topic includes funny and emotional situations, which will be easily recognizable to immigrants living in the U.S. Some long for their beloved country, clinging to nostalgia, and others prefer to pursue opportunities that are here to progress.

Doña Pancha wants to return to Mexico. She came to Los Angeles when her daughter was about to give birth, and had to stay and help raise her granddaughter. But now, 22 years later, she is a prisoner in her own home. She misses her beloved Mexico and wants to spend the rest of her life there, feeling the warm heat of her birthplace. However, she struggles to convince her family to go to Mexico and live alone.

Overcomed by nostalgia, her only comfort is her beloved idol:”The Favored Young Man of Heaven,” Pedro Infante, whose portrait has become part of her little altar.Perhaps a woman’s fantasies can become a reality?

The talented Denise Blasor directs an outstanding cast of VetzaTrussell, David Carreno, Liane Schirmer, Alex Ximenez, Sergio De Oliveira Julian and Eve Muller.

The premiere is set for April 20 and shows will continue Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8:00 pm and Sunday matinees at 3:00 pm, through May 6.

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