Ofelia Medina Stars in World Premiere of “Charity” at LATC

Los Angeles, CA. – Ofelia Medina, one of Mexico’s biggest stars of stage, screen and television (and a star in several other countries as well), stars in the new play Charity: Part III of A Mexican Trilogy. This is the third play (but the second produced) of the trilogy of the epic story of several generations of a Mexican-American family impacted by inspirational figures (FDR, JFK, John Paul II). Latino Theater Company’s Artistic Director, Jose Luis Valenzuela, and its playwright-in-residence, Evelina Fernandez re-team for this story.

Ms. Medina portrays the matriarch of the Garcia family, born at the end of the Nineteenth Century, before the Mexican Revolution. She steadfastly refuses to die, insisting that she goes on living to protect her family.

It’s 2005, and the family intermittently watches news reports of the death of Pope John Paul II. They have varied responses to the Catholic Church. They’re stricken with grief over the loss of young Emiliano in the War On Iraq. Actually, he’s not quite gone. His ghost frequently visits the family matriarch.

Actress, Ofelia Medina

The Garcias’ routine is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of a cousin from Mexico, Juan Francisco (“Frankie”). His aunt Gina is not comfortable with his presence, but he soon gets a job from a gay family friend working in a salon. Frankie believes in what the U.S. represents, and he will make choices that will put him on the road to U.S. citizenship.

In addition to Ofelia Medina, the moving story of the Garcia family stars Esperanza America Ibarra, lauded by the Los Angeles Times (1/4/12) as one of the city’s finest actresses; Rudy Ramos; Evelina Fernandez; Sal Lopez; Geoffrey Rivas; Lucy Rodriguez; Keith McDonald; and Jonathan William Cruz.

Stage manager: Henry “Heno” Fernandez. Assistant stage manager: Fidel Gomez. Choreographer: Urbanie Lucero. Set design: Francois Pierre-Couture. Sound design: John Zalewski. Lighting design/Projections: Cameron Mock. Properties: Tesshi Nakagawa. Technical director: Wayne Nakasone.

The show is presented primarily in English. A few brief Spanish sequences will be translated with supertitles.

The Garcia family is one that hopes, dreams, argues, bickers, but above all, loves each other. It’s a family much, perhaps, like your own.

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