NYILFF Domestic Features Schedule: August 13-19th

Since 1999, the New York International Latino Film Festival (NYILFF) has showcased the works of the hottest emerging Latino filmmaking talent in the U.S. and Latin America. Once again, HBO presents NYILFF on August 13 to 19th 2012. For more information visit, http:///www.nylatinofilm.com.

186 Dollars to Freedom
Friday, August 17 | 4:30PM | Clearview Cinemas Screen 7
100 Minutes
Directors: Camilo Vila
Producer: Alicia Rivera Frankl, Camilo Vila, Monty Fisher
Writer: Monty Fisher, Camilo Vila
Cast: Deborah Kara Unger, Grant Bowler, John Robinson, Michael DeLorenzo, Oscar Camilo
Wayne, a young, free-spirited California surfer, has to grow up in a hurry when he gets framed on drug charges and thrown into a Peruvian prison in 1980. Encountering a series of eccentric and dangerous inmates, he realizes he must plot his escape – or die in prison.
Delusions of GrandeurWednesday, August 15 | 8:50PM | Clearview Cinemas Screen 7
95 Minutes

Directors: Gustavo Ramos, Iris Almaraz
Writers: Gustavo Ramos, Iris Almaraz
Producer: Joey Mendez
Cast: Leeana Daly, Louie Olivos, Nicole Ortega, Rina Fernandez, Ronnie Alvarez, Salvador Benavides
Lucy, an overmedicated, emotionally unstable girl, decides to go off her Prozac and start a new life in the crazy, wonderful, gender-bending city of San Francisco. With the transgendered Illusion as her sidekick, she goes in search of her mother — and herself.


Love, Concord
Thursday, August 16 | 8:30PM | Clearview Cinemas Screen 6120 Minutes
Director: Gustavo Guardado
Writer: Gustavo Guardado
Producer: Kurtis Lee Hermes, Virginia Saenz McCarthy
Cast: Alex Rodriquez, Angelina Leon, Blake Rosier, Jorge Diaz, Logan Svenson
Caught between his Latino culture and the challenges of American suburbia, Gerry, a typical high school class clown, attempts to climb the social ladder at the expense of his future. But when Melinda, the school bookworm, agrees to a date with him, his world is turned upside down.


Mariachi Gringo
Saturday, August 18 | 8:00PM | Mt. Sinai
105 Minutes
Director: Tom Gustafson
Writer: Cory James Krueckeberg
Producers: Alejandra Cárdenas, Cory James Krueckeberg, Rafael Cuervo, Ramiro Ruiz, Tom Gustafson  Cast: Adriana Barraza, Fernando Becerril, Kate Burton, Lila Downs, Martha Higareda, Shawn Ashmore
The awe-inspiring story of a man who is willing to do absolutely anything to follow his dreams. Mariachi Gringo tells the story of Edward (Shawn Ashmore), a young man living in the middle of nowhere in the U.S., who falls completely in love with a different culture and a most beautiful and sublime style of music.


Sunset Stories
Saturday, August 18 | 4:30PM | Clearview Cinemas Screen 7
82 Minutes
Director: Ernesto Foronda, Silas Howard
Writer: Valerie Stadler, Ernesto Foronda
Producers: Justin Lin, Tatiana Kelly, Valerie Stadler
Cast: Monique Curnen, Sung Kang, Joshua Leonard, Mousa Kraish, Michelle Krusiec, Justin Vivian Bond, Sandy Martin, Andrea Sixtos, Zosia Mamet, Lee Meriwether
MAY, a high-strung and overly meticulous nurse, must return to Los Angeles to retrieve bone marrow for a transplant. Soon after her trip begins, her world turns upside down when past and present collide and she runs smack into JP, the man she left behind five years ago. Flustered, May loses the cooler containing the marrow. With only 24 hours remaining, the two embark on an offbeat search through the streets of Los Angeles only to discover that just when you think all is lost you find what you least expected.


Tony Tango
Thursday, August 16 | 7:00PM | Clearview Cinemas Screen 786 Minutes
Director: Manolo Celi
Producers: Andres De Oliveira, Maxx Maulion
Cast: Andres De Oliveira, Jerry Perez, Maxx Maulion
Tony, a Latin dance instructor with an intense belief in his own sex appeal, is a big fish in the small pond of his geriatric students. When his family’s dance studio is in danger of falling into the hands of his arch enemy, he’s got to save the day by competing in a high-stakes competition.


Under My Nails
Saturday, August 18 | 9:15PM | Clearview Cinemas Screen 7
102 Minutes
Director: Arí Maniel Cruz
Solimar a Puerto Rican woman who works in a nail salon, becomes intrigued by the violent sexual practices of her new neighbors, Roberto and Perpetuel. When Perpetuel returns home to the DR, Solimar goes from voyeur to participant in Roberto’s games of sex and power.

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