“Mexico de Mis Amores” Celebrates 15 Years With Mexican Consulate Fiesta!

Fiesta is on Wednesday, September 26th at the Los Angeles Mexican Consulate Office! Come Celebrate Mexico During Hispanic Heritage Month!


The beloved Mexico de Mis Amores, a Spanish-language travel show that features the best of Mexico, it’s people, culture, food, traditions, secrets, and so much more will be honored at the Los Angeles Mexican Consulate with a big fiesta to celebrate the show’s 15th Anniversary. It is also for the fans and Mexican consulate officials to say “thank you for all of your support and encouragement in presenting the best of Mexico.”

“You don’t have to speak Spanish to watch this show,” says co-host Lizette Padilla. “The visual beauty presented speaks volumes in all languages!”

Consulate celebration is on Wednesday, September 26th, 6:30 to 8:30PM at 2401 West 6th Street, Los Angeles (Downtown), CA 90057. RSVP required by calling 818-450-4959.

Mexico de Mis Amores is seen in Los Angeles on Sunday nights at 9:30 PM on KJLA, Channel 57 and LATV, Channel 33. Check out the video to witness the beauty that is talked about in Mexico de Mis Amores.


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