Latin Heat Cinema Spotlights Latinx Content Providers on OTT Platform

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Los Angeles, CA —, the U.S. over-the-top internet television service owned by LatinHeat Media, LLC will be hosting it’s first Spotlight on Latinx Content Producers event on March 16, 2017 at LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes in downtown L.A. The event will consist of a screening and a Q&A with the content creators producers followed by a reception. LatinHeat Media is proud to partner with LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes to bring you this event.

Since launching in 2016 LatinHeatCinema has acquired a slate of content, which includes talk shows, web series, comedies, shorts and films, produced by Latinos.

With over 100 Spanish-language TV networks in the U.S. targeting Spanish-speaking audiences, LatinHeatCinema is the only OTT platform showcasing English-language content produced by Latinos.

“English-speaking Latinos are an audience which can no longer be ignored, and it’s an audience LatinHeatCinema was created to engage,” said Bel Hernandez, CEO of LatinHeat Media, LLC.  “Millennials and the English-speaking 2nd, 3rd and even 4th generation Latinos are the new target audience.”

El Rey Network and even Univision’s own Fusion Network recognize the importance of this new target audience. Both networks launched in 2013 but follow leaders in this space, like FUSE TV, originally launched in 2004 as SI TV Network, then became NUVO TV before becoming FUSE. Also, Telemundo’s Mun2, which is now known as NBC Universo, caters to bilingual Latino audiences. Although the names of these networks have changed throughout the years, their target audience has remained the same.

LatinHeatCinema is also home to Latino content creators, where their stories are unapologetic of their Latino stories and their Latino casts, as Latino audiences have long been searching for more relatable content.

According to Nielsen, “[U.S.] Hispanics watch 90 minutes more digital video on devices than Americans on average. Despite the numbers, Hispanic viewers have limited options for online video keyed especially to their demographic, and content is scattered.”

The event on March 16th will showcase content and content creators while allowing them to talk about their stories and their journey.  It is also an opportunity to inform audiences about and where to view more like content. The event is open to entertainment industry insiders, press and the general public.

Special thanks to LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes for recognizing the value in promoting Latino content providers and their stories, through which we can redefine the Latino image worldwide.

Participating projects and Content Creators in attendance include:

Talk Shows

Naibe Reynoso, Executive Producer
Synopsis:  A trending topics show highlighting Latinos in all sectors of society.


Common Sense Mamita
Lydia Nicole, Creator/Executive Producer
Actress/Comedienne and self-appointed Common Sense Guru, Lydia Nicole dishes out funny and irreverent slant on Hollywood common sense.

Web Series

Dirty Cues
César Gamiño, Executive Producer:
Created by César Gamiño and Susie Lohse
Synopsis:  A satirical comedy-drama original series about a Colombian cartel suspected of laundering money through the production of their Spanglish films.
Cast:  César Gamiño, Bryan McClure, Moniqua Plante, Shana Eva, Lindy Loundagin, Jon Gormley, Brianna Knickerbocker and Marissa Nans, Isabel Cueva, Douglas Tait, Alejandro Patiño, Elizabeth Knowelden, Christopher Limón, Lisa Marie Summerscales, Eloy Méndez

Miguel Torres, Executive Producer
Created by Miguel Torres and Mauricio Mendoza
Synopsis:  A series of paranormal events when a loved one has passed and family and friends get a second chance to speak with them.
Cast:  Various


Kidnapped Souls
Juan Frausto, Writer/Director/Producer
Synopsis:  Two detectives are on the hunt for a mysterious new serial killer whose divine mission from God is to kill the chosen one who may be carrying the seed of the incoming anti-Christ.
Cast:  Jose Yenque, Noel Guglielmi, Delilah Cotto.
Latin Heat Media, LLC is integrated media and an entertainment company focused on the $1.5 trillion annual dollar consumer market—U.S. Latinos. Founded in 1992, Latin Heat’s mission is to promote, create and distribute content by Latinos, about Latinos, for universal audiences.

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