“Justice Woman” is an Official Selection of the LA Web Series Festival 2013

Vanessa Verduga
Vanessa Verduga aka “Justice Woman”


 Justice Woman, currently on Kickstarter, gets big boost from Los Angeles Web Series Festival
March 28 to 31st | Radission Hotel, LAX |


New York, NY —Justice Woman, a super heroine web series that has made major inroads with fans in the gay, Latino and female communities, has been accepted as an Official Selection of the LA Web Series Festival 2013 where Vanessa Verduga, creator/writer/producer/director and star of the show, will be participating in a variety of panels from March 28-31.

Verduga is Sofía Escala, a.k.a. Justice Woman, spunky Assistant D.A. by day, defender of truth and justice by night, who with the help of her gay officemate, fights to right the wrongs committed against the innocent and powerless by a corrupt legal system. The show inspires women, minorities and gays to celebrate justice in a fun and unique way. With this series she is giving a voice of power to those who are rarely heard. Supporters of the show are showing that they also want a change the way minorities have been portrayed and want to spread the word of what can be possible if you let yourself follow your dream.

As a Latina actor and lawyer, Verduga has had to struggle with fighting the typical stereotype of what a Latina should look like and how they should act. Latina Lista describes the series as “Reminiscent of the old Batman TV series, Justice Woman blends that necessary campiness with the real issue of dealing with corruption in the legal system. The combination creates yet another example that underscores how Latina talent is creating its own opportunities in a Hollywood that only sees them in a handful of roles.”

Inspired in Verduga’s own experience as a lawyer and an actress, she has been able to write a witty smart comedy-drama that through its piercing humor reveals to us the injustices of the legal system.

Through this web series, Verduga has been able to show a character that recognizes Latina women and breaks the mold. “Clients love me, because I taught them everything — it’s about educating and teaching. That’s pretty much what I’m more passionate about…empowering others…Even in making ‘Justice Woman,’ you can create your own rules. Do your own thing. It’s hard work, but you can do it, ” says Verduga.

Justice Woman is inviting fans to be part of this project by supporting the Kickstarter campaign http://kck.st/YY0K4w. The rewards are designed to make backers feel a part of the creation of the Justice Woman project.

Read more on Justice Woman and Vanessa Verduga: http://www.latinheat.com/2012/09/06/vanessa-verduga-from-legal-eagle-to-web-series-justice-woman/

About LA Web Fest 2013:

LA Web Fest will once again be held at the Radission Hotel at Los Angeles International Airport and has expanded from three to four days. The festival offers package deals for airfare/hotel/festival pass and hotel/festival pass bundled into one fee or you can purchase ala carte. Festival passes are inexpensive, not exceeding $40 per day ($30 if you buy a weekend pass) and no event is over $10 including the festival’s elaborate awards ceremony that takes place the last day of the event. – “We don’t want to keep you out, we want you to be a part of what we’re doing,” said Executive Director and Founder Michael Ajakwe Jr.. “So our goal every year is to keep the event as artist-friendly as possible.” For more information about LAWEBFEST, visit the website at lawebfest.com.

About Vanessa Verduga:

Vanessa is an Actor, Writer, Singer, Director, Producer and Attorney who combines all skill sets to work on projects that speak in favor of the underdog and shed light on issues affecting them. She is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and Seton Hall University School of Law. Having a knack for playing strong yet vulnerable characters, Vanessa has been fortunate to have appeared in numerous theater productions and films since graduating from AADA. Vanessa is currently producing and starring in “H.O.M.E.,” a feature film by award winning director Daniel Maldonado. Vanessa will also be a featured speaker in a televised event on webisodes on March 20th organized by NALIP (National Association of Latino Independent Producers) and HOLA (Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors).

For more on Vanessa, visit: http://www.VanessaVerduga.com


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