“Identity, Multiculturalism- Intimacy” Masterpiece Tijuana Art Exhibit Crosses Border


The prestigious Glass Room Gallery in San Gabriel, CA will exhibit, Deambulatorio, the visuals artists’ collective of Tijuana the collection Identity, Multiculturality- Intimacy

May 24th to June 23rd
Exhibition Reception May 31st, 5-8PM
Hosted by the Alhambra Latino Association

Tijuana B.C. – The Tijuana’s artists collective, Deambulatorio, will exhibit 20-30 pieces from their latest collection of mixture of painting and technique under the theme Identity-Multiculturality-Intimacy,  May 24th to June 23, 2013. An exhibition reception is scheduled May 31st at the San Gabriel Fine Arts Association of San Gabriel, CA.

The Alhambra Latino Association (ALA), is a major sponsor and supports the 3 Tijuana’s artists display. Rosa Elena Aguilar, an Alhambra high school teacher and advisor on the ALA’s board, is very excited to show this exhibition to the whole community. “The Alhambra Latino Association joined forces with the Deambulatorio group so that, through art and ideas, our young Mexicans, Latins and Hispanics can accomplish an encounter with themselves in a more pleasant way.”

This is the first time that San Gabriel Fine Arts Association exhibits a collection of Baja Californian artists.

According to Tijuana public relations director, Elisa Mora, they have two more exhibitions scheduled in the Mexican General Consulate in Los Angeles for the second semester of the year, and in the ICBC Rosarito for August of this year. She also indicated that this exhibition will remain from May 24th to June 23th in the San Gabriel’s gallery in California. The Deambulatorio’s collective is constituted by Miguel Ángel Ortiz Bonilla, Elba Leyva, Mario Moreno and Dorion Baños.

For more information please visit https://www.facebook.com/deambulatorio

This exhibition was first presented in late 2012 at  Colegio de la Frontera Norte of Tijuana and in Casa Colef Coyoacán, D.F., with the support of the project Rescatarte from CONACULTA directed by the expert in security themes in Mexico-United States-Canada and cultural governance, Dr. Jose Maria Ramos, assigned as a teacher-researcher in Colef within the Department of Public Administration Studies.

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