“Frida, Stroke of Passion,” Captures Final Days of Controversial Painter

At the Historical MACHA Theatre
West Hollywood, CA
Preview: Saturday, Sept. 9th, 8PM
Sunday, Sept. 10th, 6PM
Red Carpet Gala: Friday, Sept. 15th, 7PM, Showtime 8PM
Runs through October 1st

Mexico’s most controversial artist and one of the world’s most famous painters, Frida Kahlo, has had her story told many times on film, television and stage. A woman who suffered great physical pains her entire adult life, when at 16 she was severely injured in a bus accident. She later became politically active, especially after she married fellow communist painter, Diego Rivera. But Kahlo’s story goes far beyond her Mexican and European Surrealism, and her indigenous Mexican culture influence. At all levels as a woman, Frida Kahlo hated societal rules and traditions that she felt shackled women and kept them from progressing.

Odalys Nanin, Campbell De Silva as Diego Rivera PC: Antje Dohrn

Playwright, Director and Actress, Odalys Nanin has scripted a new play that highlights the final days of Kahlo’s life. In Frida—Stroke of Passion, Nanin always knew she would tell a story never before revealed: Her tumultuous marriage to Rivera, her bisexuality, the women she loved, and the mystery surrounding her death a few days after her 47th birthday in 1954.

“I wanted to show a part of Frida that no one knows about—her mental, emotional and physical state of mind the week before she dies,” said Nanin. “I explored her pain, fears and lovers—her bisexuality, fervor for Diego and her paintings. But, most of all I explored and reveal the cover up behind her death.”

Marisa Lopez as Chavela Vargas, Odalys Nanin, Francisco Medina PC: Antje Dohrn

Frida—Stroke of Passion is co-directed by Nanin, who also portrays Frida, and Nancy De Los Santos, an award-winning playwright, author and TV/Film writer. De Los Santos stated that she is intrigued by Frida Kahlo and thrilled to be a part of this important new play.

“I love the Macha Theatre. Every time I walk into that sacred place, you can feel the history. You see the reflection of the Old Globe, and you remember that you are part of the theatre experience,” De Los Santos said.

Paul Cascante as Leon Trotsky and Odalys Nanin PC: Antje Dohrn

The play features the main women in Frida’s life: Marisa Lopez in the duel role as Mexican Singer, Chavela Vargas and Mexican film star, Maria Felix, Ebony Perry as the Cabaret singer and dancer Josephine Baker, and Marilyn Sanabria in the duel role as the famous model and photographer, Tina Modotti and Teresa Proenza, the Cuban revolutionist/spy, and Tricia Cruz as the loyal Nurse Judith. The men in Frida’s life: Campbell de Silva as Diego Rivera, Francisco Medina as Manolo, Paul Cascante as Leon Trotsky, Daniel Lavid as Judas and Joseph Bixler as Little Diego.

“The cast is phenomenal. We have quite a few stars in the making, with the more experienced actors offering the foundation for a solid production. It’s been my honor to join Odalys as co-director,” De Los Santos stated.

Frida—Stroke of Passion, also has the ghosts of Leon Trotsky visit her, as Nanin explores Kahlo’s suspicious death. “I have always believed Frida committed suicide, although her death certificate states ‘pulmonary embolism,’ I believe Diego concealed her real cause of death,” added Nanin.

Ebony Perry as Josephine Baker, Odalys Nanin PC: Antje Dohrn

The play portrays an intriguing in depth look into the last week of her fearless and spirited life. A seducer to the end, she herself said, “the only reason I go on living is to paint and to love.”

Frida—Stroke of Passion, preview on Saturday, September 9th, with the Red Carpet Gala on Friday September 15th and runs through October 1st. Friday and Saturday, 8PM and Sundays at 6PM, at the Macha Theatre, 1107 N. Kings Road, West Hollywood, CA 90069.

To purchase tickets, CLICK HERE or call, (323) 960-5770.


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