Equestrian Extravaganza: Cavalia Odysseo

Cavalia.500By Cris Franco

Burbank, CA – The same equestrian extravaganza that has wowed  Latino audiences from Miami to Mexico is arriving soon to the west coast.  Anyone driving the 5 Freeway will have a hard time missing the big, white tents adorning the Burbank skyline. And these dazzling tents house the exceedingly dazzling new production titled, Cavalia Odysseo.  Presented by the same creative team behind the uber-successful Cirque du Soleil franchise, this horse-meets-human spectacle is a theatrical, multimedia performance, featuring world-class horse riding acts, acrobatics and visual effects that amaze and inspire.

“Odysseo is a whole new production, bigger than the first one,” says Cavalia spokesperson, Andy Perez.  Its recent tours to Latin America drew big crowds — and “big” is pretty much the operative word in describing this ravishing charreada-meets-cirque that requires a team of 60 workers to raise the 10 story high Big Top that houses Odysseo’s luxurious setting.  This new installment features 43 riders, acrobats, aerialists and musicians performing before a stunning video backdrop the size of 3 IMAX screens that projects HD 3-D images of the world’s most beautiful landscapes.

Horse.men.550However it’s the show’s 56 magnificent horses that really bring focus and purpose to the millions of dollars of technical wizardry on display.  These majestic animals play freely on stage as the show morphs from one exquisite, pastoral scenario to the next; building dramatically via a sequence of equestrian specialty acts that present dressage, carousel, trick, stunt, Roman and Cossack riding.  Cavalia Odysseo is a two-hour dream that moves the heart and touches the soul; an unforgettable, magical evening that leaves its mesmerized spectators laughing, gasping, cheering and often crying with profound emotion at the sight of its animalistic majesty.

Cavalia.man.horse.550But this night of graceful communion between horse and rider isn’t only for equine aficionados. “You don’t need to know anything about horses to understand this really special connection,” says Perez. “As a society, we’ve gotten more modernized; we’ve moved away from nature. This show takes you on a nature voyage around the world.”  And that’s exactly what Odysseo’s done on its current world tour.  It’s thrilled Latino audiences from Miami, Florida to Monterrey, Mexico since it launched in the fall of 2011 – and we’re certain it’s going to cast its same entrancing spell on the Southland.  ¡Viva Cavalia’s Odysseo!

PERFORMANCES: Wednesday, 27 February 2013 thru Sunday, 17 March 2013; plays Wednesdays thru Saturdays @ 8pm (no show Thursday, 28 Feb.); Saturdays @ 3pm and Sundays @ 2pm.  TICKETS: Adults starting at $59.50; Juniors (13-17) & Seniors (65+) starting at $44.50; Children (2-12) starting at $34.50.  BIG TOP & BOX OFFICE: 777 North Front Street, Burbank, CA 91502.

Tickets (including deluxe VIP packages) can be purchased online at www.cavalia.net or by calling 1-866-999-8111.

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