Brands Love Bloggers: 100 Bloggers to Attend Hispanicize 2012 Free

Miami, FL — In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, some of the nation’s largest Hispanic brands and marketing agencies are partnering with Hispanicize 2012 and Latina Mom Bloggers to provide free access to more than 100 Latino and multicultural bloggers wishing to attend Hispanicize 2012.

“This incredible initiative is being made possible because of the tremendous sponsorship support we have received from major Hispanic brands, media companies, public relations and advertising agencies who enthusiastically want to meet the bloggers,” said Manny Ruiz, organizer and creative director of Hispanicize 2012, April 10-13, 2012 in Miami, FL.

Hispanicize 2012 sponsors specifically contributing to this initiative include BlackBerry, Walmart, Univision, Clorox, Sprint, RadioShack, UnitedHealthcare, Diageo, Transitions, Visit Orlando, The Axis Agency, The Jeffrey Group and Fleishman-Hillard.  Several brands who have yet to be publicly recognized as sponsors also supported this initiative.

The 100 full access event passes for bloggers (a $295 value) are available to Latino and multicultural bloggers who have been blogging consistently for at least one year and fill out a short online form (  Qualifying bloggers who have already paid to attend Hispanicize 2012 and meet the criteria will be refunded.

A wide range of blog niches, from parenting to fashion blogs are eligible.  A national committee led by advisory board members of Hispanicize 2012 and the Latina Mom Bloggers network will sort through the blogger applications and promptly notify bloggers who qualify.

In the spirit of putting bloggers high on the event’s agenda, bloggers are getting major red carpet treatment this year at Hispanicize 2012 with VIP access to special activities, high-end giveaways and even a Latino Blogger Yacht Party.

Now in its third year, Hispanicize 2012 (#HISPZ12) is the annual event focused on Latino trends and trendsetters in social media, entertainment, marketing and media.  The event is a partnership of the Hispanic Public Relations Association (HPRA), Hispanicize and the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

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2 thoughts on “Brands Love Bloggers: 100 Bloggers to Attend Hispanicize 2012 Free

  • March 19, 2012 at 4:54 PM

    Latino and Hispanic are very similar. The edffirence is that Latino describes all people in the Americas that have descended from a group of people that spoke a romance language(which root from latin). That categorizes french, Italians, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. Hispanic today describes people descended from those who are spanish speaking in the americas. In reality it is suppose to categorize people from Hispania(Iberian Peninsula). Spanish categorizes people with Spanish citizenship. They are also called Spaniards. Also many of the other answerers are incorrect in saying they are similar in race. Most Spanish are white while Hispanics and Latinos are racially diverse. They could be Amerindian(Native American), Mestizo(White and Native American, Mulatto(White and Black), fully white(either from spanish or other europeans), or a mixture between these. None of the terms describe a race. Latino and Hispanic describe an ethnicity, while Spanish describes a nationality.

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